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5 Tips to Consider When Choosing Tiles

Building a house and opening a shop is a once-in-a-lifetime type of moment for most people. New home rendering to renovating a shop at a commercial level, it takes many discussions and planning. From just having the idea about how it should look to get it done, so many factors are there. Executing what you are having in your mind is a task to handle carefully.

For construction, you have a plan: a map to follow that has been made according to your requirement of that house or commercial space. So, what is the tricky part? Choosing the final look and fulfilling the room owner’s different demands by trying not to get out of a decent look of the home is a huge task to do. You have to maintain a good glimpse of the house overall besides satisfying the different demands of people for the same place.

Choosing tiles is one of the main issues that can be a severe mess while trying to have a specific look at the house. There are different types of tiles you can use in the same space. The only thing to take care of having a different tile design or color is not to get out of the theme or a perfect final look.

There are some common types of tiles with different qualities mainly used for living and commercial spaces:

Ceramic tiles:

  • Ceramic tiles are best in terms of durability and versatility
  • Its color does not fade out by direct sunlight
  • It is dirt and stain-resistant
  • Hygienically sound as they do not absorb fumes or dirt

Porcelain tiles:

  • More durable and stronger
  • Highly resistant to moisture and frost
  • Best for entrances and lobbies
  • More versatile and strongly resistant towards dirt

Marble tiles:

  • Marble tile is a type of natural stone tile
  • It gives stunning luxurious look to any room
  • Highly durable and versatile
  • It requires daily maintenance, easy to clean and maintain

Slate tile:

  • It is dense and durable
  • Safe for highly tread areas
  • Not very resistant to water
  • Challenging to clean

Knowing the types of tiles that are most commonly used, There is some point to have in mind while choosing the right kind of tile:

  1. First of all, identify what kind of tile you are looking for:
  • Floor tile
  • Wall tile
  • Tiles of living space
  • Tiles for commercial space.
  1. Style of the play you have to use the tiles for
  2. Texture and pattern of tiles
  3. Color of tiles and room size

1# Tile for retail space:

There are some key points to have in your mind while choosing tiles for the workspace:

  • Durability:

Choose a tile for wok space that is highly durable. You can’t afford to change the tiles very often. Choose the tile according to the work nature of your business.

  • Safety:

While choosing the tile, keep that fact in your mind that the tile should be safe for the floor or wall. In addition, it should be highly resistant to moisture, dirt, and fume.

  • Design:

The design of the tiles should match the interior. It looks delicate and a calm look to people visiting you for the first time. Also, having a neat and clean working space gives a good impression.

  • Color and size:

Choose the color very wisely. It shouldn’t be very dark and messy. It should be some subtle color that reflects calmness. It will have a positive effect on the worker to work in a soft-colored environment.

2# Tiles for living space:

Some key points to have in your mind while choosing tiles for living space:

  • Reflect your ideas:

Choose the tile that reflects the picture you had in your mind that this is what our living space should look like. If it matched your idea, you will be satisfied and can live peacefully.

  • Gives pleasant environment:

Living space is a place you have to live. So keeping this one point in your mind, choose the tile that gives a perfect look when you first see it. Living in a pleasant environment has to do a lot with mental peace.

  • Durability and maintenance:

Living place means a place a lot of people living in daily. It needs daily maintenance and daily cleaning. So, choose a tile that is easy to clean and durable. It doesn’t lose its shine after months of cleaning.

  • According to your taste:

having a living space mean that you have designed it the way you wanted it to look. In other terms, it reflects your way of living. So, while choosing the type of tile for your living place, keep in mind that it will give the course of your residence to people.

  • According to the size of space:

Tiles should be according to the room size. If the room is small, choose decent light colors. If the room is big, choose a large tile to make the living room spacious.

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