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Tilers Canberra - Tiling Contractors in the Capital

We are quality service providers that can handle a variety of projects ranging from small bathroom tiling to repairs and commercial tiling. In contrast to others, our job is to make sure that every job is attended to properly. If you are looking for an expert tiler to help your projects, look no further than Tilers Canberra. For more clarification, we are a one-stop location for all your tiling services.

Adobe all, we design our services to be satisfactory and arrive just in time. We are your best bet for professional tiling services in the Australian Capital Territory.

What Are The Things To Consider When Choosing Tilers In Canberra?

Need your apartment tiling done? It’s only normal that you wish to have the best hands on the project. Tilers Canberra is your best bet to handle all of your tiling needs. But what exactly makes us stand out from the rest of the competition. Let’s summarise a few points that make us an industry leader.

Tilers Canberra is home to a team of dependable tilers that have worked on numerous project over the years. These projects may vary in scale and complexity, but we handle them with a lot of skill and precision. We are masters in all aspects of the tiling business from the selection of the right porcelain choice for you to installation. Our experts are also regularly updated with information on the latest trends around the world, and our techniques are aimed at excellent results.

To find out what makes us different from the competitors, take a look at the following:

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    Use of Quality & Durable Products

    The type and quality of products that we used for tiling project go a long way to determine the quality of our projects. For emphasis, the use of substandard products will betray the expertise of the tiler and devalue the property. It’s a shame that some tilers compromise on the quality of products used for customers.

    Through our experience and vast knowledge, we can pick the best and high-quality products with high durability and aesthetic appeal. We can always recommend the best products from our past work with clients.

    Use of Quality & Durable Products

    The type and quality of products that we used for tiling project go a long way to determine the quality of our projects. For emphasis, the use of substandard products will betray the expertise of the tiler and devalue the property. It’s a shame that some tilers compromise on the quality of products used for customers.

    Through our experience and vast knowledge, we can pick the best and high-quality products with high durability and aesthetic appeal. We can always recommend the best products from our past work with clients.

    Honest Two-way Communication With Customers

    Professional tiling services require a lot of work and coordination. A vital part of this process is to maintain two-way communication with customers. At Tilers Canberra, we take our time to iron out some of the issues that may affect your project. We must find out what is suitable for you and what works best. We are open to communicating at any time and every step of the way. Our foreman meets with the clients, talk to them and ensure we understand all of their needs before any work is started. We also do our best to carry customers along and update them about every step of the process.

    Unbeatable Craftsmanship

    We are proud of the quality of work that we provide. When you work with us, you enjoy our emphasis on little details and everything will be done just the way you like it. We do our work only with state-of-the-art art equipment, and you can be confident about the quality you will get from us.

    Our Quality Speaks For Us

    You don’t have to take our word for it; the quality of our past projects speaks for itself. For clarification, there are numerous customers out there who can testify to what we are capable of. Our tiling installations can stand the test of time.

    William, From Braddon 2612

    I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I got to see the new ceramic tiles installed in my bathroom. These must surely add a few bucks to my house, and I can now enjoy what it feels like to live like royalty. It’s just splendid.

    About Tilers Canberra

    Tilers Canberra offers a wide range of services that include residential and commercial areas. As a dependable tiler in the Capital, we have managed to grow our brand into a team of people. Tiling Canberra is capable of handling every kind of tiling installation. Likewise, we also tailor our services to suit the needs and demands of our customers completely.

    We boast long years of experience and hire only the best hands to work with us. They are professionally trained to install and lay emphasis on the use of quality of products such as Beaumont tiles. By working with us, you get unbeatable and exceptional service. Our team of professionals is led by a veteran to ensure that all standards are adhered to.

    There is a guarantee that you will get precisely what you want by working with us. For clarification, we are a licensed tiling company with a commitment to give you peace of mind with our work. You have nothing to worry about as the essential details will be covered for you. All you have to do is talk to us about your preferences, time, budget or limitations.

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    Tilers Canberra Services

    What services can you enjoy from working with us? First of all, we are experts at residential and commercial installations. Also, Tilers Canberra is professionals capable of providing full service to the Australian Capital. Our experts can handle different aspects of tiling installations at any time and just how you want it.

    For example, a team may be in charge of old tiles from horizontal and vertical surfaces. In the meantime, there may be an expert in charge of installing mosaic tiles. We understand the importance of specialisation and will only assign the best hands to work on any project.

    At Tilers Canberra, you get access to the following services:

    • Outdoor tiling
    • Bathroom tiling
    • Kitchen tiling
    • Commercial tiling
    • Tiles removal

    We are industry leaders in kitchen and bathroom renovations. Our work is to transform your living space into stunning parts of your home. During our history, we have also satisfactorily handled tiling installations for commercial areas. For emphasis, the work we do is cost-efficient to prevent a dent in your wallet and flexible to suit your busy schedule.

    Outdoor Tiling Services in ACT

    Over the years, the outdoor parts of our home have begun to take up more importance. The exterior of our homes is now used for a variety of purposes. With our professional tiling services, we can transform your outdoor space into a living dream. We have the skills and the necessary equipment to help you. We can beautify your garden, patio, or pool and make it more enjoyable.

    Our expert tilers can scope out the area properly to determine the type of treatment that would be given to the property or piece of land. We use only advanced methods and the best techniques known to man to make sure everything is done according to precision and in time.

    Tilers Canberra has managed to bring together an effective combination of brilliant techniques and professional tilers. As a result, we handle every job to perfection. Our expert tilers are the best in the industry. We run our outdoor projects by taking the most accurate assessment of your property and working on it.

    Our tilers can create a feature wall for you on any part of your property. For clarification, a feature wall is used to describe wall tiles used to create a design for different parts of the home. Some of the most popular outdoor areas that we work on are the swimming pool and patio area.

    The craftsmanship of our tilers is unbeatable. They would dedicate their time to inspect your tiles properly, take care of your old tiles and replace them. Our experts will inspect your tiles for any cracks, hairlines, or loose parts to determine their approach to the project.

    Tiling Outdoor floor big light brown squares and smaller tiles in colour blue

    Kitchen Tiling in Canberra

    Without any doubt, the kitchen is a part of the home that sees a lot of activity. Due to this, it’s essential to keep the kitchen clean and use durable tiles here. A kitchen with beautiful tiling would be another great bonus that would contribute to the value of the home. Your family and guests will be in awe when they realise how beautiful your kitchen is.

    For a kitchen floor, you must install durable, skid-free and easily maintained tiles. Some of the best materials to use for a kitchen floor include stone, ceramic, marble, granite, and porcelain tiles. Tilers Canberra has got you covered for the installation of any of these.

    For kitchen wall tiles, the emphasis has to be laid on a type of tiles that can be cleaned easily. Our professional tilers will decide with you the best options that will suit your needs. If you also have a tile layout, we can work according to that for you. The countertop kitchen tiles have to be easy to clean but also durable because they have to be able to take some punishment. Robust tiles will be a great choice because they can handle the stress of daily grinding and chopping activities for some time.

    Homeowners are free to choose granite to tell, but they can be quite expensive. If you can’t afford that, then we can help you with the installation of more affordable options. Some of these options are engineered stoned, quartz, and concrete tiles.

    At Tilers Canberra, we try to spice things up and may opt for some unique and modern designs. Hexagonal and removable subway tiles are a great example of new trends.

    One of our tilers with a lovely outdoor hat pasting square tiles in the kitchen. Tiles colour cream

    Oliver From Turner, 2612

    Mosaic tiles have always been a personal favourite for me, but it was difficult to get professional tiler that could handle my demands in time. Tilers Canberra understood my needs and carried it out to perfection.

    One of our Expert Tilers Canberra adding tiles in one of our loyal customer bathroom

    Comprehensive Bathroom Tiling Renovations

    Have you ever turned on the TV and you come across a unique ad about stunning bathrooms? At Tilers Canberra, our professional tilers transform your bathroom into a lavish part of your house. They will change the entire place into a relaxing atmosphere with stunning and unbeatable tile work. Take a look at the walls and floors of your bathroom. Do they look old, damaged or outdated? Then, it would be best if you had a professional tiler for bathroom tiles replacement.

    We have experienced professionals with years of experience of transforming different types of spaces. We also have the skill and necessary equipment to pull off a smooth installation process. Our installers have completed a variety of bathroom installations, including surrounding areas. We are meticulous, and you can trust our attention to detail to give you precisely what you want.

    Your bathroom tiles can be unique when you let us do our work and take to our professional ideas. We can help you install excellent bathroom tile designs on your walls and floors. When working with us, we don’t apply a one-size-fits-all approach for everything. We are flexible enough to create a plan that will suit your preferences, taste and budget.

    We work with the best tile suppliers in the Australian Capital. As a result of this, we have access to a variety of tiles, including traditional and modern ones. There are also some additional tile materials such as accent pieces to pick from to beautify your bathroom. Our experts will show you tailored designs to choose from. Homeowners can also modify their bathroom tiles based on colour and material types.

    One of our Commercial Tiles Canberra office. The entrance of one of the building Canberra Tiles Worked. Outdoor cream and some orange tiles. Glasses windows.

    We take care of your Commercial Tiling needs

    Tilers Canberra also has the experience of working with a variety of commercial customers. Over the years, we have embarked on many large scale projects that have cemented our status as the one-stop choice for commercial tiling. What we offer our client includes quality work from professional tilers, licensed installers and experience of working with some of the biggest brands around.

    Our work is to transform commercial workspaces into a valuable interior. With years of experience as professional tilers, we have just what it takes to handle even the most challenging jobs and complex projects. We have remarkable project management and supervision skills that complement our work. All of our crews are organised by an experienced foreman that knows exactly how to get desired results.

    We provide state-of-the-art tile installation service from start to finish. We can do everything for you, ranging from replacement of old interior tiles, installation of outdoor pavements, to other types of wall tiles work. You can trust that we also have an adequate number of personnel required to make sure that we complete all of our projects on time.
    We hire only the best to work for us. All of our employees receive additional training to make them better than ordinary tilers. They are also trained in customer interaction and how to leave a good impression.

    Team Members
    Industry Awards
    Happy Customers

    Tiles Removal Canberra

    Firstly, when you have to remove previously installed tiles, you realise that it is not as easy as it seems. The results of the job depend on the existing substrate, the adhesive used and type of tile material in question. Even if you place to replace the tiles, the removal process still has to be done with care and by skilled hands.

    Secondly, removing tiles is no easy business; let’s handle that for you. From anywhere in the Capital, you can hire us as your professional tile removal company. When you work with us, you benefit from our years of experience in helping people. We have the skills, resources and equipment to pull it off.

    In conclusion, our experienced tilers can help you remove those tiles without any damage to the existing structure of the house. Asides from removal, we are also experts at tile installation and know precisely how to give you what you want.

    Our Tilers from Canberra Removing tiles in one of our customers patio

    A Few Of Our Happy Customers

    Many people could never understand why you could want a subway tile bathroom. It looked like I was asking for too much till I found Tilers Canberra. They had all the answers I was looking for, and I could never have asked for more. Today, I walk into my bathroom with the confidence that I finally got what I wanted. 


    I had opted for different tiling installation companies in the past. To summarise my experience with them, I would say they were less than satisfactory. I kept wondering why they could never handle porcelain tiles how I wanted. A friend let me know about Tilers Canberra, and I couldn’t believe just how good they were. 


    Having to take care of 3 kids while paying attention to cleaning my kitchen wall tiles proved to be too much work for me. Later on, I decided I needed a replacement and Tilers Canberra were my first call. They just knew exactly what to do, and in a short period, my kitchen wall was brand new again. 


    Contact Us To Chat About Your Next Project

    Have you decided on the type of tiles to install in your home? Would you prefer vinyl tiles or something entirely different? It doesn’t matter what your taste, need or preferences are, we are just one call away. Our job is to offer homeowners custom tilling solutions to transform their living space.

    If you have questions on how the tile installation process goes and any other enquiries, get in touch with us. We have professional personnel that have all the information you need. It doesn’t matter how simple or complexes your project; maybe we have the skills and necessary equipment to pull it off. To conclude, contact us today, we are happy to assist you. Check out our partners at and Tiling Blacktown Pro’s.

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