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Bathroom Tiling in Canberra

Proper bathroom tiling is essential to having a gorgeous and easy to maintain bathroom. It would be best if you had your bathroom designed in a way that can efficiently deal with plenty of water. Also, It should be easy to clean deeply to get rid of bacteria, germs, and other unpleasant things. This is why tiles are the best material to use on the bathroom floor and walls. It is effortless to clean using potent cleaners and repels water effectively.

Your Professional Bathroom Tiling Contractor in Canberra

Home projects, especially bathroom projects, can be very challenging to get right. Bathroom projects need to be perfectly planned and executed as not doing so may lead to severe problems in the future. At Tilers Canberra, we are adamant in providing the highest quality bathroom tiling services around.

We offer a wide variety of durable yet cheap bathroom tiles that will last a lifetime. Our installation services are guaranteed to ensure that your bathroom floor tiles are pleasing to look at and easy to clean. Our professional tilers have been in the industry for years. They are equipped with lots of experience and the latest technology in the business. This allows them to provide the best quality service you can get anywhere in Canberra, ACT. No matter what kind of tiling project you need to be done, our team can handle it. We will transform your bathroom into a gorgeous, dream space.

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    Do You Tile The Floor or Walls First in A Bathroom?

    When it comes to tiling space, there are some rules and practices one follows. This is to ensure that the result is visually appealing, durable, and still practical. However, when it comes to tiling the floors or walls first in a bathroom, it mostly comes down to personal preference. Based on expert experiences, the popular and easier choice is to place the bathroom wall tiles first before the floor tiles. This avoids having to clean up the installed floor tiles after working on the wall tiles.

    brown, cream, and light brown bathroom tiles in canberra

    Can You Tile A Bathroom Yourself?

    Depending on how big your bathroom is or what the design is, you may experience different levels of difficulty when tiling a bathroom yourself. If you have a relatively small and straightforward bathroom setup, laying bathroom tiles can be a breeze. However, laying them properly to ensure that no further serious problems can arise in the future can be quite tricky. Especially if you don’t have much experience in DIY projects. In other words, the wisest move should be to hire a professional.

    cream, white and transparent bathroom tiles canberra

    Why Choose Tilers Canberra for Your Bathroom Tiling Projects?

    Firstly, finding a trustworthy, capable, and affordable bathroom tiling contractor can be a challenge. However, at Tilers Canberra, we can provide all of these. Our team is full of industry veterans and professionals that you can trust. They are equipped with the tools necessary to do any project. Secondly, we have served the community of Canberra and surrounding areas for years now. We have built a foundation of trust and quality with our clients over the years. You can rest assured that the money you’ve invested will be put to good use.

    You can choose from our wide range of tiles collection. From simple grey bathroom tiles and white bathroom tiles to more stylish subway tiles, we have it. Whatever tiling project you need, we can do it. You won’t find a high-quality yet affordable bathroom and toilet tiles contractor anywhere else in Canberra. Let us transform your bathroom into a gorgeous and easy to maintain space that you are proud of.

    white bathroom floor tiles being applied. White wall tiles and a white rectangle window

    Is It Difficult to Tile A Shower?

    Depending on your experience with DIY projects, tiling a shower by yourself can be quite a challenge. The difficulty will depend on several factors, such as size, materials, and design. However, there are plenty of guides online that you can follow. You can install the shower floor tile and shower wall tile by yourself. It may take some trial and error before landing it right. We really recommend hiring a professional to make your shower niche dream come true.

    orange ceiling bathroom tiles with square shower head

    How Much Does Bathroom Tiling Cost in Canberra, ACT?

    Bathroom tiling costs can widely vary from project to project. However, there are some industry standards. Please take note that these prices are merely estimates and are not hard truths. Professional tilers in Canberra, ACT may charge $35 – $120 or $45 – $150 for a standard bathroom tiling project. This excludes the price of the tiles. Most professional tilers will charge you on a per-square-meter basis, or by the job. The typical rate is $48/m2 for bathroom floors or walls.

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    In conclusion, if you’re looking for an affordable and dependable bathroom flooring contractor, call us today. We serve the residents of Canberra and the surrounding areas.

    Our clients range from commercial, residential, and even industrial. You can contact us through our business emails, our website, and our number. Our team will diligently work with you throughout the project duration, from planning to finish. We will fill you in with all the details so that you won’t get lost in any stage of the project.

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