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Kitchen Tiling Service in Canberra, ACT

Are you searching for Kitchen Tiling Services in Canberra? Kitchens experience the most activity in the home. They are regularly exposed to not just heavy foot traffic, but also things like spills, odours, and more. Because of this, kitchen floors are often made of tile. They prevent the degradation of your floors and makes them easier to clean, especially in the event of a spill.

Kitchen floor tiles are highly durable and relatively low-maintenance, allowing you to enjoy your kitchen for a long time.

Your Local Kitchen Contractor in Canberra

If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen tiles and splashback tiles, then there’s no better than Canberra Kitchen Contractor.
Like regular tiles, it can be tricky to lay kitchen tiles, especially backsplash tiles. Due to their vertical placement, these need to be applied carefully to ensure that they are appropriately placed. So the constant activity present in the kitchen won’t affect the way they adhere to the wall.

We can tailor our approach to what best suits your needs, ensuring that you get the best possible service from us. What’s more, you have the freedom to choose the style, appearance, and material you want for your kitchen tiles. This will allow you to customize the look of your kitchen.

From ceramic to porcelain to stone, we have a variety of kitchen tiles available to accommodate and meet your needs. We even have subway tiles for a backsplash that exudes a classic minimalist look while providing durability and long-lasting protection for your walls.

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    Do you tile before or after fitting a kitchen?

    When it comes to kitchen tiling, there’s really no perfect time as you can tile your kitchen both before and after you fit it. After all, it’s a matter of preference and your needs. There’s no “industry standard” to go on as it’s up to you.

    The only benefit of tiling before fitting a kitchen is that you need to tile the space. In this way, you will require less work for details and trims. On the other hand, tiling after offers the benefit of ensuring that the tile floors aren’t damaged before it’s turned over to the owner.

    mosaic kitchen cream and brown tiles with oven and sink

    Should kitchen flooring go under cabinets?

    The answer to this depends on several factors which include the time of installation, the floor’s load capacity, and the cabinets’ size and weight.
    As mentioned, tiling before or after fitting a kitchen can require more or less work in terms of details and trim.

    Aside from this, you need to ensure that your home, particularly your kitchen, has the structural integrity to support tiles. This will help ensure that you don’t end up with a damaged home.

    cream tiles with black and cream mosaics and brown cabinete

    Why choose Tilers Canberra for your kitchen tiling installation?

    So, why should you choose us for your tiling installation in the first place?

    • We execute projects with the utmost accuracy, down to every last detail.

    Whether it’s the installation of kitchen floor tiles or kitchen backsplash tiles, we have what it takes to execute the project. We can ensure that you get beautifully tiled floors and walls that tie up the whole look of your kitchen.

    • Our experience in the industry allows us to provide high-quality services.

    Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with us because we have the experience and expertise necessary to tile your floors and kitchen walls.

    • We can take care of everything more quickly.

    You can enjoy the beauty of your new kitchen sooner rather than later. We work more efficiently and more quickly than any other contractor. Our skills and knowledge allow us to tile your floors more efficiently than others.

    Tiler contractor organising tiles in a kitchen in canberra

    What tiles are best for kitchen splashback?

    When it comes to a kitchen backsplash, the most popular types of tiles are porcelain and ceramic. They are the most readily available and offer a higher level of cost-efficiency. They can come in a wide range of colours and designs, offering you versatility at affordable price rates.

    However, natural stone and glass backsplash tiles can add another layer of elegance to your kitchen. This is why some opt for these tiles as well. Keep in mind, though, that natural stone requires sealing, and they need regular cleaning with unique products to preserve their beauty and integrity. 

    Black and white tiles in a kitchen sink in canberra with water running on it

    Cost of a Professional Kitchen Tiling Service

    Like with the other questions, the answer to this depends on several factors. Some of them will be the materials to use, the kitchen’s size, and the job’s overall complexity.

    For example, when it comes to materials, you can opt for more cost-efficient like ceramic and porcelain. In this way, the cost you will incur will be significantly less than if you chose more expensive tiling options like natural stone.

    Moreover, if the overall job is straightforward, you’ll likely receive lower rates than if they had to, say, tile an uneven floor. The more complex the job is, the higher the rate will be from professionals.

    Contact one of our Kitchen Tiling Contractors

    If you’re ready to see your kitchen transform with kitchen tiles, then contact us now. We can help you turn your dream kitchen into reality.
    You can also get in touch with us should you have any questions or concerns about our services. Our customer support representatives are more than happy to assist you with your concerns.

    So, what are you waiting for? Transform your space now with our help and achieve that stunning kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

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