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Commercial Tiling Services in Cairns

In the next five years, your commercial dream office will come true. Let Canberra Tilers help you take your mind off the stress brought by the pandemic. Are you hiring an amateur tiler? You will encounter technical issues usually involved in commercial tiling, such as lack of workmanship, tile expansion, underlayment, and many more.

That’s where we come in. Delivering exceptional services consistently in the commercial tiling industry means being skilled at what we do.
We are Canberra Tilers.

The Best Commercial Tiling Professionals in Canberra

Working in the office made it even better. Here at Canberra Tilers, we offer a wide range of tiling services such as the installation of indoor, outdoor, wall, and porcelain cheap tiles, remodel, and renovation, all generally for commercial properties.

Are you thinking of renovating with marble tiles? We specialize in outdoor designer tiles like the elegant stone-looking Samsara, or maybe even a classic commercial vinyl tile like Hirati tiles.

Perhaps you’re missing a work-conducive temperament in your restaurant floor tile? Azimut is the perfect indoor tile that gives off a terracotta concrete finish. Meanwhile, the Vertige calls for a resin concrete finish that exudes a light yet serious mood.

Our commercial floor tile is up to standards. Napami is a stunner when applied on the wall with its luxurious parquet wooden wall tile.
Please take a closer look at what we offer. We’ll be happy to assist you regarding any specifications you communicate with us.

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    What is Commercial Tiling?

    Tiling services are applied to residential or commercial properties. As such, it’s crucial to determine which one is apt for your project.

    Focusing on commercial tiling, this applies to commercial spots such as workspaces, leased buildings, and the like. Commercial tiling brings with them the least volatile organic compound that helps health matters. On top of that, it requires little maintenance.

    At Canberra Tilers, our unwavering dedication to excellent commercial tiling is considered a high standard.

    Commercial bathroom with large rectangle mirrors and 2 white sinks near the paper towel dispenser

    Which is better: porcelain or ceramic tile?

    For starters, commercial ceramic tile is for interior flooring, walls, and swimming pools. To note, the majority of the tile options belong in ceramic.

    However, porcelain tile is actually a subtype of ceramic tile, but more distinct. It is usually more expensive than ceramic—it is much more durable, denser, and more rigid.

    Not to mention, porcelain tiles are water-resistant, too. If you’re not into customizations, then you wouldn’t mind getting this since cutting is difficult.

    One of our Canberra tiler working in a commercial site organising and pilling up the tiles with tools in his hands and yellow gloves

    Why Choose Canberra Tilers for Your Commercial Tiling Jobs?

    As businesses lose customers over the new age of the internet, it is wise to say that aside from quality products and services, your main goal is to beautify your space. Nowadays, business owners renovate to the extremes to gain new customers daily.

    Upon coming up with a strategy to rival what might be the biggest competitor there is, (the internet), you need to make sure that your future project is compelling and engaging enough to compete in the market. Customers adore businesses with keen attention to detail and an attractive business site.

    Here at Canberra Tilers, our team of experienced experts assures you of a service that does not compromise quality. We can help you enhance your home, whether it’s with our exceptional commercial vinyl flooring tiles or commercial kitchen tile. Your dream project awaits you.
    That is to say; your project is in good hands

    Commercial bathroom tiles from canberra tilers. White sink and wooden top shelf

    What is a commercial-grade tile?

    A commercial-grade tile is an ultimate pick for commercial properties. It’s formulated to withstand the most significant level of foot traffic. At the same time, it boasts of features such as stain-resistant, fade-resistant, and moisture-resistant.

    Commercial grade tiles are porcelain, so it’s much harder and denser. Loved by the general public, this makes it one of the best durable commercial-grade tiles despite being expensive. Frankly, it’s easy to clean, and it’s also sustainable.

    How much does a commercial tiling job cost?

    Commercial kitchen floor tile usually involves approximately $45/sqm. Just to make sure of the price for your dream commercial space, try getting a quotation from us here at Canberra Tilers. From there on, we’ll gladly discuss with you your utmost concerns for your project.

    Broadly speaking, an overall kitchen tiling service can amount to approximately $350-$550 that answers strictly to labour. Of course, it also depends on the tiling material you’re going to use.

    dark brown, wine and white colour square tiles in a commercial site near canberra

    Contact Us For All Your Tiling Needs

    Here at Canberra Tilers, we value top-notch quality as well as excellent communication.

    By doing business with us, you’ve earned not only a service firm’s trust but also a lifelong relationship. Let our esteemed and knowledgeable staff handle your concerns, thoughts, and future business innovation. Take the leap and walk with us in fulfilling your business.

    We’re more than happy to discuss with you the necessary steps to make your dream project a living one.

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